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The College Enhancement Educational Program



It's pretty ironic that most of the Don Family had participated 

in the C.E.E.P. program in 1998.


We were classified as students that were given a 

chance to experience a college atmosphere.  So that we would have

and edge on other incomming students


The following are a few pictures from C.E.E.P. 

when Vic Damone, Don P and Don Juan, Coleone

were participating in it.



In order from left to right, these people are in these pictures


1. Kelly , Norman, Clifton, VicDamone, Melaina, Anissa

2. Coleone (Derrick Adams), Damon Pryor

3. [Psychology Teacher] Carl Johnson, Keisha, Don P (Peter Dickerson), Keadra, Kim, Toni, Melaina

4. [EHS Teacher Cassie Hessler] Coleone, Herman, Victor, Melaina


The Don Family thanks Minority Student Services for all their help for our 

academic success, because without C.E.E.P. we wouldn't exist and be as strong as we are.

The following link are the people that keep minority unity alive on CMU's campus

MSS Staff 


Over the summer of 2000 I had the privilege of returning what I had learned

back to the school.  C.E.E.P. 2000 was a bit different there were 14 students  

that had been chosen after through a screening process.  Take a look

- Vic Damone


The Ladies of C.E.E.P. 2000

Dynia, Mori, Christian, JP, Courtney (not pictured)
Caffrey, Chrissy, Dynia, Mori, Christian, JP, Jamese



The Fella's of C.E.E.P. 2000

Matt, David, Tony

Justin, Nate, Byron


I'm happy to say that all of the students were accepted to Central Michigan University 

and were one of the best group of students that MSS has ever had to deal with.


I'd like to give a thank you to everyone that made everything possible, 

thanks Tarsha Wilkerson, I still couldn't have done it without you.

- Vic Damone



P.S. - Let me know if I misspelled any of your names wrong, my bad I'm only human**

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