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The Grandmaster

Mr. Down Low

Mike graduated from Northern High School, Detroit, MI 

From Northern High School, Mike went onto attend school at Central Michigan University currently he is attending Henry Ford Community College his plans are to transfer to an university in OHIO.  

These are the deep verses from the mind of 

The Grandmaster

 Chinese Zodiac Symbol The Monkey, Birth in year 1980


Emotional Struggle

Looking at the world like a God sent angel

Dissecting every angle

And dance around in orbit like a tango


My mind benevolent

About everything I thought was irrelevant

Taking little steps in life my mind thought was silent


Not knowing Iím moving

In this world filled with suffering

Uncovering untold truths, trying not to fall in


The black hole of darkness

Emancipated by mind stress

Having relapses about someone I thought to be a goddess


Emotional struggle,

Like someone that lives by the hustle

Flared up, like pumping iron and making a muscle


At least I feel like that sometimes

Like a virgin, which is some peopleís state of mind


I feel cage up

So tight sometimes I feel like blowing up

But keep it concealed, like a 9 in a guess hook up


I look up to the stars and wonder about life

Then look down at the ground thinking about my after life


Naturally people look for simplicity

And actually looking upon me empathetically

But at the same time sympathetically, wondering if I will break down eventually.


I hold on to the peace buried deep with in

Suck up the pain and keep pushing!


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