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Over 500 Visitors Since September 2001

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That's Right, were back again with a whole new face.

Family @ PeopleMover

The Grandmaster | Coleone | Don P | Mecia (DF Angel) | Vic Damone | Don Juan


Lets get a few things straight, we are DaDon Family.  

We've been around for a while, 

no were not an organization, 

but we are one of the tightest groups of friends to hit the scene 

since the Italian Mafia.

- Vic Damone


DaDon Family is like Bonnie & Clyde

We always do stuff together.

We're like time we can't be stopped

- Don Juan


"Don't get it twisted, DaDon Pham

we're always imitated but never duplicated."


"When DaDon Pham steps onto the scene

the whole scene shuts down."


- Don P



DaDon Family is like fine wine,

we get better with age and time.


-The Grandmaster







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April 4, 2002


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